Setting new trends in Metal Packaging


Petrox is one of the oldest manufacturers of Metal cans in India since last 55 years.We were one of the first private companies after Multinationals - Metal Box and Poysha (American Can) to start manufacturing metal cans in India.


Petrox Pvt. Ltd., Petrox Containers, Petrox Packaging (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Sun Extrusions Pvt.Ltd. The Head Office of the company is located in Wadala.

Our Group coampanies are engaged in manufacture and sale of metal cans and aluminium collapsible tubes catering to Pharmaceuticals, Ink industry, Food Processors, etc. Our major customers are multinational companies.

Our Company is run by experienced professionals in the field of manufacture, marketing and after sales service.


  • Contract Packing
  • Designing metal packaging & caps/closures to customers requirement
  • Packaging Consultant
  • Developing / Innovating new packaging as per customer requirement.
  • Providing techincal support to customers


  • 2 PC. Deep drawn food can
  • 2 PC. Deep drawn pesticide & chemical can
  • 2 PC. Deep drawn paint can
  • Brake oil metal can with plastic inner liner & induction seal plastic cap
  • 2 PC. Deep drawn vaccum ink can
  • Easy open ends / Peel off easy open lids
  • Fancy & decorative can
  • Components & closures for metal cans
  • Alluminium - collapsible tubes / cans / bottles

Why Petrox the world of Can

With a presence of 55 years in Metal packaging Industry we are one of the oldest & reputed Can maker in India after Multinationals - Metal Box and Poysha (American Can) to manufacture metal cans in India having four ideally located manufacturing plants in India at, Mumbai, Ghodbunder , Khopoli and Hyderabad.

Having carved a niche in 3 pc. Welded Cans and related Metal packaging products we have moved into a more innovative and beneficial, next generation – 2 pc DRD Cans !!!!

In our endeavor to offer new and better packaging solutions we set up our Research and Development Dept. for identifying new and latest trends in Metal Packaging Today we have to our credit machines and technology for manufacturing Easy open Peel off lids and 2 piece Deep DRD cans (100 ml to 5 ltrs) for various applications

We are entering into a new era in general Line 2 piece Can making - A revolutionary quantum leap forward by Transforming through Innovations, 3 Piece General line Cans into 2 piece Drawn Cans of 100 ML to 5 liters for various applications :- Paint, Chemicals/Pesticides, Food-Cheese, Milkpowder Ghee / Margarine, Coffee, Vegetables & Fruits

One of our milestone achievement is the successful introduction of 2 pc deep drawn Cans with a capacity ranging from 100ml to 5 liters. At present 2 pc. shallow Cans are mainly available for Tuna Fish. 2 Pc deep drawn Cans for General Line application had limitation of height with reference to its standard dia Can size and due to this drawback Standard International sizes currently used for General Line & Food Cans could not be manufactured in 2 pc DRD Cans..

Now with our Innovative efforts this limitation has been overcome and 2 pc deep drawn Cans can now be made in wide range of 100ml to 5 liters capacities in most of the Standard International sizes prevailing in the Can Industry worldwide , these 2 pc drawn Cans are manufactured from Double Reduced TFS and Tinplate. This has remarkably opened New Avenues in a big way for the use of 2 pc drawn Can for General Line & Food Cans for various applications.

Our products have won many National & International Awards for design, appeal and utility We have been one of the most successful company having won the second highest number of Awards at “Can of the Year 2006”.